Health, Safety & Environment

Commitment to HSE Excellence

White Fleet is committed to the health and safety of our employees, the public, and the environment. Our core values govern White Fleet’s health, safety and environmental (HSE) culture.


Our Core Values


Our commitment to the health of our personnel minimizes the risks to our employees and maintains a healthy work environment for everyone.


We are committed to developing a preventative safety culture across our operations. White Fleet has an unwavering commitment to ensuring personnel and process safety.


White Fleet commits to protect the surrounding environment and meet environmental regulations during every operation.

White Fleet HSE Program

It is our obligation to our people, clients and business to be leaders in the HSE arena. Our HSE program consists of:

  • Rigorous day-to-day oversight by our management team of field operating activities, including HSE performance, and regulatory compliance
  • Application of lessons learned from engineering and experienced operational personnel focused on continuously improving operations and minimizing risk
  • Effective alignment with our contractor partners on Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) processes, requirements and deliverables
  • Hands-on approach to field operations oversight through continuous field verification of controls